Enjoying a Ride with the Gondola in Picturesque Venice
One of the main attractions in Venice is the ride using the gondola, a medium sized rowing boat that is used to transfer people through the canals of the city. When you get to access the Grand Canal, the gondolas will transport you smoothly from one place to the next and offer you the most majestic experience in this romantic location. You can ask the gondolier for a traditional boat ride passing through the most prominent sights in the city. Dating back in the seventh century, these fine boats were once the leading means of transportation and nowadays prevail as the trademark of Venice.

Due to the specificities of this city, it is true that boat rides are quite common even today. The water that overwhelms the canals leaves no room to alternative routes and therefore the use of gondolas and more particularly traghetti is quite frequent. Still, there are also water taxis that you can turn to for faster but a lot less romantic and nostalgic transportation. If you are enchanted by this wonderful ride along the Grand Canal or using other less busy routes, you can schedule with the hotel of yours for a trip at a flat rate. In this way, you can avoid all the fuss of the arrangements and not miss out on any of the magic.

When you gaze through postcards from Venice or when you look at fabulous paintings from this unique location in the world, gondolas catch your eyes. The boatmen who are typically dressed in their traditional costumes and paddle along up and down the canals are the most iconic reflection of the past into the present!
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