Unveiling the Mystery of the Bridge of Sighs
Bridge of Sighs is perhaps the most popular attraction in Venice and there is much controversy as to its name. Of course, in every tourist guide and in every concierge, a ride with the gondola under this bridge is a must-have. Nevertheless, what does its name stand for? When did the name originate and why are there two different theories, set so far apart between one another? The truth is that the bridge used to connect the Old Prison with the New One, the Doge’s Palace and the Interrogation Rooms. As you can imagine, this is far from an idyllic place for someone to look forward to crossing.

As the prisoners walked across the bridge, they used to sigh while watching the beauty of Venice probably for the last time. Executions were frequent back then and therefore you can see the wider picture, with the antithesis between the natural beauty of the architecture with the canal and the fate that cannot be postponed. Another far more optimistic point of view has been that highlighted by Lord Byron. According to tradition, when a couple embarks on the gondola and reaches under the Bridge of Sighs in time for the sunset, they are meant to be together and love each other forever. The sighs are due to love and affection in this case.

It is rare for people to combine two controversial elements in their tradition and still make something that enchanting. A palace and a prison are blended wonderfully and the feelings are mixed, whether you are a prisoner waiting for your execution and admiring the sunset or you are a person wounded by the arrows of love. This is certainly the most fabulous route that you can ask from the gondolier to take you and especially when the sun is about to set. Make a wish as you cross through the bridge, just in case!
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